10 Reasons Why You Should Start a YouTube Channel Right Now

Build your brand, grow your influence

Abena Talks
5 min readSep 2, 2021


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YouTube is a powerhouse for digital marketers. If you are not on YouTube, you are missing out on a significant slice of the pie. According to Oberlo.com, there are more than 2.3 billion worldwide users on YouTube in 2021. Staggering! More than 300 hours of YouTube content is uploaded every minute and users consume more than five billion YouTube videos per day. You get the picture, YouTube is a beast.

You probably feel overwhelmed already with all the social media platforms however, if you want to build authority in your niche and create valuable, shareable content, Youtube is a good place to start. With the additional features such as YouTube Shorts and YouTube Live streaming, you can grow your business rapidly on YouTube.

Obviously, you should have your own website and email marketing campaigns because YouTube is a platform just like Medium or Instagram and they could fold any day now, then what happens to your audience? Therefore, it's always best to build an email list and develop relationships outside of social media. However, there is no doubt that YouTube is a great place to create content if you want to build authority and grow your brand.

Here are ten reasons why you should set up a YouTube channel right now:

Build Your Influence

Fact, influencers sell products and build brands and they do it fast. Well-known YouTuber Mr. Beast plays a massive role in the growth of the money-saving app Honey. His influence pulls in thousands of new users to the Honey platform on a daily basis.

Business coach Sunny Lenarduzzi has built her brand on Youtube and she teaches others to do the same. Creating and uploading consistent YouTube content can help you build your brand and develop your influence. This can only be a good thing! Start now!

Share Your Knowledge

If you are alive, you have some knowledge. For example, if you are a digital nomad, you have an online business, you have a lot to teach. You can create vlogs about your life as a digital nomad or teach people how to live…



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