10 Things I Love About Living in Ghana

Enjoying life in Africa

Abena Talks
7 min readJan 26, 2021


Four years ago, I moved from the UK to Ghana. I packed up my two-bedroom apartment in East London to start a whole new life in the Land of Gold. My parents were born and raised here and growing up, I spent a couple of summers in Ghana however, I always felt a deep connection to this tiny corner of West Africa. I came here in 2015 for a short vacation, the first time I had ever traveled alone, I was hooked and I made my decision to move to Ghana a year later.

Ghana is the land of opportunity, 40 percent of businesses in Ghana are owned by women, this is the ultimate destination for girl bosses. Women who want to do impactful work should come to Ghana. When I moved here, I created a training program for young women to provide them with the opportunity to create meaningful online businesses. I have coached and mentored more than 70 young women since I started the program, the initiative continues to grow.

Being in Ghana has changed me for the better, I have developed an insatiable thirst for impactful work, changing people’s lives, and working to make Ghana a better place. It is far from easy, in fact, I often feel like screaming or banging my head against a wall but, the frustrating days are merely preludes to the transformative days. The days when I could kiss the sky and embrace the red, clay earth.

Ghana is home.

Here are ten things I absolutely love about living in Ghana.

  1. The Weather

The weather in Ghana is beautiful, the sun shines every day. Even when it’s overcast and seems a little dull, there is still this warm feeling in the air. You need a lot of lotion during the dry and windy Harmattan season which usually comes around late December and ends in February, although it is really unpredictable, sometimes it only lasts for a few weeks. The rainy season can often cause major flooding problems in Accra but all in all, the weather is wonderful.

2.The Opportunities

I can’t stress this enough! The opportunities out here are endless, from restaurants to real estate to health, beauty, and tech. You can get rich in Ghana pretty quickly if you have a head full of ideas and a little cash to spend. Ideas that have already…



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