5 Actionable Steps To Kickstart Your Personal Growth Journey

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Abena Talks
3 min readAug 15, 2021


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No matter what we do as individuals, our primary goal in life is to succeed and excel. While this goal is not always attainable, we can achieve success and fulfilment in life when we continually grow and reach our full potential regardless of our circumstances. But to get to this point in life where we thrive, meet our goals and grow as individuals, we must embark on a journey of personal growth.

Unfortunately, many people give up on their journey midway as they set very high-unrealistic goals that overwhelm them. So, to make this journey worthwhile and simplistic, take a look at these five actionable steps to help you kickstart your personal growth journey.

Know thy self

Have you ever been so excited to start a weight loss diet you saw from a video but give up a few days later because you couldn’t keep up? Yes? You’re not the only one! Many people tend to give up when they use other people’s action plans, not because they are not feasible, but because they cannot go beyond their means. For example, if you love snacks after meals, why go out of your way to stop eating them entirely because a video says so? That is impossible for you. Instead, eat them now and then. That way, you’re still meeting your weight loss goals while eating what you love.

Starting a successful personal growth journey means knowing yourself. It means considering your strength and weaknesses, what you want and what you hope to achieve with this journey. If this means taking a notepad to jot a few things down, go ahead!

Order your Steps

Next, set time aside to put your goals down. Your action plan is not complete if you don’t know what you want to achieve. Remember the weight loss video? Don’t go around picking up goals from other people’s lives or personal blogs. It is imperative that you set goals based on what you want and set very realistic goals that you know you can achieve. The opposite will result in you stretching yourself too thin and rarely meeting your goals.

Do Some Decluttering

When too much is going on in your life, it can become challenging to achieve…



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