5 Things I’m Avoiding These Days as a Content Creator

Comparison is a wicked beast

Abena Talks
3 min readJul 26, 2022


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As a full time content creator it’s easy to fall into certain cycles of negativity or self-doubt. These days, I’m making a conscious effort to avoid specific things that stifle my creativity, increase my negative thoughts and, destroy my productivity.

Here are five things I’m avoiding these days as a content creator:

1. Watching too many YouTube videos

I love YouTube, I’ve learned so much from watching successful content creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs on there however, it can ruin my productivity when I watch too much.

Also, watching too many YouTube videos often leads me down a path of analysis paralysis where I learn something and want to keep watching different videos to get a second opinion on a specific topic. I overthink and fail to take action.

Instead, I have a select few YouTubers that I watch, and once a month, I choose one new content creator to watch. I usually search for up-and-coming creators that don’t have many subscribers. I do this to give back to the creator community and to help new creators to build their communities.

If I want to learn something, I search for a high-quality video to watch on Skillshare. I learn as much as I can and take action without thinking too much.

2. Talking about every single new goal

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am the Queen of Challenges here on Medium. I often share my challenges and sometimes document the results. However, I don’t share every single goal.

I find that sharing too many goals can stifle your progress. Especially when people leave hateful comments and rude opinions about your targets and beliefs.

I limit the amount I share these days when it comes to major goals anyway.

3. Allowing self-doubt to creep in

Self-doubt is a major dream killer. I avoid it at all costs. Whenever I feel self-doubt creeping in, I saturate my mind with positive thoughts and self-dialogue. It works.



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