It was heaven and hell

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I grew up in one of the most racist towns in England, it was heaven and hell. Navigating my way from the bus stop to my family house after school was a challenging game of chess, avoiding the racist groups of white boys and finding ways not to get eggs or other objects thrown at me. I was always on high alert, I was always ready to fight.

My parents moved us from a small inner-city town in South East London to a very white, sleepy suburb in Kent, just outside, London but close enough to have access to our…

The words of a confused and self-loathing black woman

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We all have freedom of choice and deciding who you want to date or marry is entirely up to the individual. However, ruling out the possibility of dating someone in your own community based on hatred is a despicable act of self-loathing and insecurity.

In high school, I had a friend, a beautiful dark skin, British born, Jamaican friend who would joke that she never wanted to date a black man and that black men are all “broke” and “ghetto.” Her constant belittling of black men would really irritate me. …

A few reasons why some black people refuse to go vegan

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Why Black People Avoid Going Vegan

When you think of the word “vegan,” what comes to your mind?

A wild guess would probably be a mental picture of an upper-middle-class, white hipster sipping a soy-latte or maybe a wealthy, tanned, super skinny, yoga-obsessed white woman.

For many years, veganism has predominantly been described as a lifestyle for the privileged white folks. To prove this, let’s do a little Google search for “vegan,” “vegan person,” “vegetarian.” The results will show you why mainstream veganism is mostly white.

You’re likely to see a handful of people of color. When Thrillist, an entertainment…

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The cacao tree is a tropical evergreen that can grow up to 40 feet tall. The trees produce pods that contain seeds called cocoa beans. The beans are fermented and dried before being ground into chocolate liquor, or the liquid form of chocolate with its flavor, aroma, acidity, and caffeine content intact. The cacao powder-making process includes grinding these cacao beans into a fine powder, then used in beverages and recipes for baking and smoothies.
Cacao Powder has many health benefits that make it worth adding to your diet if you're not already doing so! …

Here are some of the health benefits of the popular superfood known as Acai.

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Acai berries have gained popularity in the health and wellness community. Widely known as a superfood, acai can help fight disease and treat various ailments from muscle pain to age-related brain diseases. While Acai is undoubtedly healthy, it's important not to believe everything you read on the internet.

Here are some scientific facts and health benefits of Acai, this so-called "miracle berry."

1. Acai berries are rich in antioxidants and help to fight free radicals

Tonnes of research has shown that antioxidants play a big part in preventing heart disease and cancer. Free radicals, on the other hand, have been linked to cell damage within the body…

Johari's Law was introduced as a result of a female gorilla who was administered Prozac to force mating.

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New York is close to banning the use of psychoactive drugs in zoos to sedate them and force them to mate. New York Assemblymember Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas and State Senator Jabari Brisport who is a well-known vegan advocate introduced the new legislation which has been dubbed “Johari’s Law.”

The idea for the new legislation came about after the shocking story of a female gorilla was reported by the New York Times.

The gorilla, often referred to as Johari was given Prozac to calm her down enough to allow a male gorilla to mate her. …

“It’s like wading through deep water, you can almost feel the floor but not really. It’s like falling asleep in the midst of company but still being awake. It’s like walking with 50-pound weights strapped to your feet. It’s heavy, really heavy.”

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I don’t like to classify myself as a depressed person, someone who suffers from depression, I’m a survivor but some days the heavy blanket of this thing they call depression feels unbearable.

It’s difficult to write about it because it’s like exposing open wounds, I don’t want people to know. I just want people to see the smiley face on my Instagram videos and YouTube vlogs, the blog posts that encourage you to push through and bang out content. …

Realistic Tips that actually work.

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Laziness is a disease, one that eats away at your potential and leaves you sick, tired and broke. Fed up, stressed and always regretful. I am having one of those days where I simply cannot be bothered to do anything but I have set myself goals, targets and life stuff that I need to do in order to live a life of financial freedom. Because waking up every day knowing that if you don’t work, you won’t make money is a scary thought.

Today I feel lazy, really lazy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a well-deserved break but…

It is not that difficult, the hard part is finding the time to get things done but you can outsource all that if you are really that lazy.

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I get hundreds of DMs and responses to my Quora posts every week and they all ask me the same question. “What is the easiest way to make money online?” I respond with the same answer every time but people still want to know the answer to this question. People are endlessly curious about this topic and I can understand why. …

Smart is the buzzword

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You know you've got a problem when your workday starts at 4 am and ends at 8 pm, but it still feels like you're never getting ahead. Sound familiar? We all have moments where we feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks that we need to do, but there are ways to make the process easier so you can get back to doing what matters- running your business!

Here are seven strategies for working smarter, not harder.

1. Turn off all notifications on your phone and computer

It is hard to concentrate on work when you get interrupted by every new email, text message, or…

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I write about Health, Wealth, Race and other things. Founder Pink Intrigue + Freshlight Media. I give away my earnings to change lives in Ghana

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