Build an Online Empire With Your Old Articles

Don’t let them sit there, dust them off and produce diamonds

Abena Talks
2 min readOct 17, 2021


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You have 300 published articles on Medium, 400 on your personal blog and more content scattered all over the Internet. Don’t waste it, you are literally sitting on a goldmine.

If your content provides value, dig it up and build an online empire.

How? I hear you say. Well, my friend, you can spread it all over the Internet like Vegemite on toast(An Australian spread for toast and sandwiches).

Repost it on Vocal Media

You won’t become a millionaire doing this but you can earn an extra $100 or more if you republish 50 articles. It’s not much but it is far better than earning pennies a day, why not add to your penny jar and bag yourself some extra coins?

Create Instagram Content

Use snippets from your articles to create Instagram Reels and slide image posts.

Use your Instagram page to promote your articles.

Affiliate Matketing

You can use your evergreen content to promote affiliate offers. For example, you write content about health. Find health related affiliate offers by typing “health affiliate programs" into Google.

Then, create a link list using Linktree or Milkshake. Add your affiliate links.

Use your articles to create YouTube videos and link your linktree page in the description.

You won’t make a killing overnight, be patient and post at least 30 videos.

Create Slideshare Content

Slideshare is an awesome place to publish content. Again, promote affiliate offers or build your mailing list. You can also promote your blog or Medium page.

Make Pinterest Infographics

Make Pinterest infographics (lots of them) place your Linktree URL with your affiliate offers in the post description. You can also promote your blog or Medium content using this method.

Use Your Articles to Build a…



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