Creating Space Changed Everything For Me, This is What I Did

The steps I took to clear the clutter to gain clarity and peace.

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8 Ways to Create Space in Your Life

Start Writing in a Journal

Write in a journal, release your thoughts and feelings and write down some of the things you are grateful for on a daily basis. Here are some of the benefits of journaling:

  • Evokes mindfulness
  • Helps you to clear your mind of clutter
  • Helps you to achieve your goals when you write them down
  • Boosts emotional intelligence
  • Boosts memory
  • Cultivates self-discipline
  • Improves communication skills

Get Clear

Life is hectic, it can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful but sometimes it is necessary to take a break, to create space, to stop and think instead of living life at the speed of lightning. Allow yourself the time and space to clear your mind and step into the present moment.

Clear The Clutter

I recently read the groundbreaking book by Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It actually changed my life, in fact, I have read the book several times, but I felt like reading it again and gaining more insight into why clearing the clutter can change your life and change the way you think. When you clear the clutter in your surroundings it facilitates the process of clearing the clutter in your mind.

Eat Simply

Eating simply and reducing the number of ingredients you cook with on a daily basis can help you to create space in your life. Why? Because thinking about what you eat every day can be stressful and it contributes to decision fatigue. Therefore, think of some simple recipes and stick to eating one or two recipes per week. Meal prep if you can, trust me meal prepping is a game-changer.

Learn to Say No

Learn to say no, if you say yes to everything, you will find yourself drowning in too many things to do. Therefore, instead of saying yes all the time, try saying no. If you are a people pleaser, this is the perfect time to kick your people-pleasing habit.

Create Some You Time

Create some time by scheduling some time in the week to focus on yourself. Book that facial, nail appointment or just stay at home and read your favorite book or watch your favorite movie.

Create Your Own Space

Literally, create your own space by creating a small area in your house or apartment just for you. If you have enough space in your house, create an entire room that is dedicated to you. If not, just set aside a small corner for yourself. Decorate it the way you want and fill it with your favorite things.

Practice Yoga

Practice yoga whenever you can, better still, do it daily. You certainly won’t regret it.

Audit Your Things, To-Do List

Take a long hard look at your things-to-do list and cut it down. Filling your things-to-do list with a million things is not the best thing to do if you want to create space in your life. Therefore, if you truly want to create space in your life, reduce the tasks on your to-do list and focus on the most important things.

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