Do This to Get Top Writer Status Fast!

Top writer status actually means something here on Medium. I get new followers, reads, and comments from new Medium members every day because I am a top writer in many categories

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Competition is getting stiffer by the day, you need to produce stellar content to compete with the top writers on here. Top writer status doesn’t necessarily mean that you have 200k followers like Tim Denning, you can have 1k followers and still have top writer status. Being on the list of top writers is important if you want to increase your income on Medium.

Here’s how to get top writer status fast:

Focus on the less popular tags

When you go to publish an article and you input your tags, you will notice that some of the suggested tags have higher numbers, please look at the screenshot below:

“Creativity” has 148k and “Creativity Tips” has 1.5k

Image: Author Screenshot

The number in brackets relates to the number of articles on the platform with those tags. Instead of competing in a massive pool of articles, create more content with “creativity tips” as one of the tags. I would suggest you create at least 30 articles with creativity tips included in the tags.

You will eventually become one of the top writers in that category.

Go Extreme

If you want to take things to the next level, look for tags that have less than 200 articles on that particular topic and write more than 100 articles with that tag. Therefore, when someone types “Simily” for example into the search bar, your articles will dominate the search results.

As you can see from the screenshot, there are less than 50 articles on Simily at the moment on Medium. Take advantage of this and write more articles on the topic. Search for more topics that have low competition and create more content on each topic.

I am definitely not saying you should ignore the popular topics however, focusing on topics that have less competition makes more sense in the long run. Especially if you want to brand yourself as a top writer on a specific topic.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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