I Made $28,000 in One Month from This Side Hustle

I know you hate these articles but it might inspire someone to start and stop procrastinating.

Abena Talks
3 min readJun 14, 2021


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Last month I made $28,000 from one side hustle. I have been struggling to build this side hustle for years and I believe that I have finally cracked the code. My main hustle, which is writing has always been my biggest money earner. I run my content writing business with a team of 15 writers who work from home or wherever they have an internet connection.

I tried all the fancy methods that all the gurus promote on YouTube and to be honest, nothing worked. It got to a point where I almost gave up on my dream of $100k months. I gave it one last shot at the beginning of the year (2021) I created a solid plan and committed myself to complete the tasks every day. The earnings came through quite quickly and it was surreal.

What's the side hustle?

Affiliate marketing/CPA Marketing. The gurus make it look so easy. Some also make you believe that you need to spend thousands on advertising. I used a simple method and don't worry, I don't have a course to sell or an affiliate link to throw at you. I decided to try Pinterest and faceless YouTube Channels to promote my affiliate links.

My Method

I already had several niche Pinterest pages. I chose two, I create short videos and eye catching pins that direct to a Link tree (a list of links- I use the affiliate links)

At first, I just relied on the free traffic and I gained a bit of traction that way. Now, I use Pinterest ads. If you don't have the capital to start up, just go with the free method at first.
I made $5000 my first month with the free traffic. When I started using ads, I made $8000 profit in my second month.

Now, let's move on to the YouTube faceless channels. I'm sure you have seen lots of gurus talking about this on YouTube. They claim that you can make thousands per month creating faceless youtube videos. Again, I picked two niches, the same niches actually. Then I started creating simple content with video, image and voice over.



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