I made $4000 Last Month from Vintage Cellphones

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4 min readJun 21, 2022
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Never underestimate the power of vintage gadgets. I made my first dollars online when I built my second niche blog about vintage cameras and accessories.

I then built another blog about old money.

Today, five out of my 20 niche blogs focus on vintage stuff. People love retro things.

As you can see from the title, I made $4000 recently from retro cellphones.

These old forgotten gadgets are important historical pieces that rake in thousands of dollars if you know how to milk the cash cow.

I write for passion when I’m writing content under my personal brand, I write for money when I’m niche blogging, and there is still plenty of money in niche blogging.

💲Niche blogging is a massive money grab.💲

Anyway, back to the topic of vintage cellphones:

How to make cash from Vintage cell phones

You can build a whole business from retro cellphones, and it’s pretty simple.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • First, create a faceless YouTube channel about the history of cell phones. You don’t have to film content or show your face. All you need is:
  • A modern smartphone
  • A smartphone lapel mic
  • Some editing software like inShot (you can download it on your phone)
  • A list of 10 to 20 video titles about vintage cellphones
  • Some copyright-free images (you can find these by searching for “creative commons” or royalty-free images or vintage cellphones.

Now, create the videos:

  • Do the research
  • Add the images to the editing software and voiceover the images
  • Use a platform like Canva to create your thumbnails
  • Upload the videos.

By the way, you don’t have to create a YouTube channel, but I double my income by creating a YouTube channel for every niche blog that I build.


Create a Medium page and build interesting content about vintage cell phones. You can also do this on Vocal…

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