I Still Make $14,000 a Month (and more) From Google News

The haters will say it’s a lie!

Abena Talks
3 min readNov 5


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Stop being a hater and start getting money!

Yep! I said it! There are too many haters out here who haven’t tried to make money online, but they leave angry comments on your content, saying things like:

“This is not possible; stop lying!”

Like, really, ok.

Here’s some proof:

This is from one of my Medium accounts
This is one of my Payhip accounts
This is from one of my Medium accounts

I make buckets of money from Google News, but you need to remember this one thing:

It won’t happen overnight, and you do need to put in the work. Simple.

This is one of my Google News pages here on Medium; I have a page on Hubpages and several niche news blogs.

Making money from Google News is not rocket science; the main thing is that you must post content daily if you really want to hit the big numbers.

Monique from Journey With the Hintons made more than $14,000 from one video she posted about an article she found on Google News.

These numbers are possible, but you must learn to pick the right stories. The goal is to create commentary pieces and articles that are inspired by the content you find on Google News.

Using Google News makes the whole content creation process much easier, because all you do is head over to Google News and search for news that’s relevant to your audience.



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