I’m Building a New Income Stream Using This Crazy Method that Never Fails

It’s not that hard but you have to go all in and follow the steps

Abena Talks
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I’ve built multiple income streams with my Fruit Money method, and I’m about to create a new income stream, but this time it’s “herb money” instead of fruit money.

Here’s the deal: I have a specific formula that works every time, and it’s simple:

✅Use ChatGPT to come up with a a list of 50 herbs

✅Then, use various platforms such as Zutrix (keyword research), Google Search, and Answer the Public to come up with ideas.

✅Next up, create a list of 33 titles for one herb, and repeat the process for all the herbs on the list.

✅Publish the content on Medium, Vocal, and Hubpages (Hubpages is pretty difficult to get into now though).

✅Build income streams using the partner programs, and digital products, and affiliate marketing.


➡️Create videos by repurposing the content and posting it on YouTube. I use the same method: post 33 videos about the same topic and use the same tags for each video.

➡️This is my special 33 Immersion Method, it’s one of the best methods for building topical authority, and it never fails if you do it right.

Herb money is the next venture that will make a million dollars. Mark my words!

Would you write about herbs?

➡️ Grab your “herb money” offer here.



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