Is Simily Dead?

Simily is the latest writing platform to emerge online however, is it worth jumping on the bandwagon?

Abena Talks
3 min readMar 11, 2022


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I signed up to Simily two months ago after reading an article by Kristina God. I was excited to sign up to test this new platform to see if it’s a viable social blogging alternative.

I signed up, published multiple articles, more than 50 articles. Most of them were repurposed Medium content or blogs that I didn’t end up publishing. I also published a few poems and some random pieces. I did a 30-day challenge from the get-go to test the waters.

Here’s thee results of the 30-day challenge:

So far, I have earned $13 from Simily, the threshold for monthly payment is $10 therefore, you need to make $10 to get paid via Paypal.

Apparently, you get paid two weeks after the end of the month. I am due to get paid $13 on or before March 15th 2022.

I don’t publish on Simily anymore but I check up on my stats once in a while. In my opinion, Simily is dead for now.

Why Do I Say That Simily is Dead?

You Need to Publish Constantly

If you want to earn money on Simily, you need to publish constantly. It’s understandable because the platform is new, the last time I checked, there were approximately 3000 members on there. To gain traction, you need to spend a lot of time in groups and commenting on articles.

You Need to Bring Your Own Audience

To skyrocket your earnings, you need to bring your own audience by sharing your content on social media and linking your articles to your Medium articles. I did some Pinterest marketing and shared a couple of links during a webinar, that’s how I earned $13.

If I had nothing else to do, I would spend more time on Simily and push to get 100,000 reads, that’s $2000. I would do this to check if Simily would…



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