Online Businesses are The Way Forward for Single Mothers

Flexibility and extra income, online businesses can help single mothers to build financial freedom.

Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

Flipping Thrift Store Goods

This hustle requires some extra time on the weekends, a laptop, a good phone camera and a decent Internet connection. Once you have these tools in place you can purchase vintage clothing, board games, rare items, sneakers and other goods from thrift stores and flip them for a profit on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

Drop Servicing

I spoke about drop servicing in a recent article, if you don’t know what drop servicing is, it’s really simple. You find jobs online such as graphic design, web design or content creation, you bid for the work and buy the services. Then you sell the services to an individual or company that needs the services. You increase the price, pocket the difference and pay the service provider.

Join an Existing Business

This is a good option for single moms who have zero experience of running an online business. When you join an existing business, instead of figuring everything out on your own, you join a team of likeminded, knowledgable online entrepreneurs. You would normally get help and advice from people who have already cracked the code. This is one of the side hustles that I do and it has helped me to build a decent side income without having to decipher all the information on my own.

Why are online businesses good for single mothers?

-Extra money with low investment

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