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Don’t think too much, set a goal to write 1000 articles and…

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Girls and boys! This is a public service announcement! When I first started out in the game of online writing, I wrote articles for a well-known UK newspaper at a time when newspapers were just starting to publish more content online.

I worked with a team of two writers and two editors. Our goal was to write and publish 1,000 articles in 60 days. Yes! 1000 articles!

I felt the pressure; it was all late nights and early mornings for me. I loved and hated every minute of it! Actually, working as a freelance writer for a top newspaper was the best thing that ever happened to me. Why? It taught me to set goals, to push through, to put my thinking cap on, to go hard, to stay focused, to believe in myself, and to never give up.

I also learned how to create a content calendar, how to plan content, how to search for trending topics, and how to achieve unimaginable targets. Sometimes, people ask me how I manage to get so much done and how I stay so focused. My answer is:


If you are reading this and you are stressed out about your earnings, stressed out about living the life that you want to live, just set the goal.

Set it; go ahead and set it. Set the goal to write and publish 1000 articles, it will change your life.

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How Can Writing 1000 Articles Change Your Life?

Here’s why your life will change when you write 1,000 articles:

💛You will get better and better — your writing will improve

💛Your confidence will go through the roof — yes! You managed to achieve something so epic!



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