Read This Before You Publish Content on Vocal

Vocal is not a trustworthy platform despite having more than 1 million members

Abena Talks
3 min readJan 12, 2022


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At one point, I raved about Vocal. After all, they give bonuses and throw money at new members as an incentive however, they are not to be trusted.

I have more than 80 articles on Vocal and I will be removing my content over the next few days.

I would strongly suggest that you don’t put too much effort into publishing content on Vocal. Why? I have had two incidents where they refused to pay me and two of my freelancers recently experienced the same thing.

In my case, they reviewed my withdrawal request and said that my content was “inauthentic.” When I probed them about this, they went silent for days. Eventually, I received a response, they explained that they had no further comment but my $654 withdrawal request had been declined. They also stated that I was free to continue writing on the platform but they have the right to refuse payment if they wish.

I received another email that explained that after further review, my content is genuine however, they still cannot pay me because the source of my traffic is “unclear.”

I gave up on this and just stopped publishing content on there. I introduced one of my freelancers to Vocal a few months ago and she recently contacted me to tell me that her first payment had been declined. They also sent her the first two milestone bonuses (for five and ten articles published) but they refused to send her the 50 article bonus because they believed her content was “inauthentic.”

My freelancer is a journalist and writes news commentary content. Her content is very well researched and original. They refused to pay her $570 for reads and said they can’t verify the source of her traffic. Most of her traffic comes from Twitter because she has more than 40k followers.

My content came from Facebook because I posted a piece about motherhood in one of my parenting groups. The group has more than 300k members, my content was shared multiple times.

I recently questioned Vocal again about their inability to verify my traffic. They said, they had no further comment and that I am free to continue publishing content on the platform.

I am sickened and disappointed with Vocal and after posting about this in a Whatsapp group, I discovered many others facing the same problem. Vocal is very happy for their writers to promote their monthly paid membership however, their review process is flawed and they need to take a long, hard look at their business operations.

Their reviewers need some serious training and everything about the platform is unreliable in my opinion. Imagine working extremely hard to write, publish and promote your content only to receive no compensation for your efforts. It’s despicable and they need to fix their systems before they ruin their reputation for good.



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