Simily: My Progress So Far

Simily is the new content writing platform on the block, I joined and this is how it’s going so far.

Abena Talks
4 min readJan 23, 2022


Image source: Author screenshot of the Simily platform

Unless you have been under a rock somewhere, you would have heard about the brand new kid on the block. Simily. It’s a content writing platform similar to Medium but with a few noticeable differences.

Kristina God wrote about Simily in the article below and as a result, the site was flooded with new members.

I joined because I am working on adding new income streams this year so, why not? You can go ahead and read Kristina’s article below:

I also wrote an article about Simily outlining my first five days on the platform. So far, I like it over there and I think it has potential as a viable alternative to Medium. It’s not quite there yet because it’s still very new but I am happy so far.

Simily: The Pros

Photo by Johan Godínez on Unsplash

Here are some of the positive aspects of the Simily platform:


✔Cheaper than Vocal ($6.99 per month for paid members)

✔Offers a free option too

✔No word-count limit

✔Instant publishing(Unlike Vocal where you have to wait for days for your article to get published)

✔No censorship-you can write about whatever you want (They do say you are not allowed to write adult content though-which is fine for most writers)

✔Paypal payment option



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