Sipping Coffee On the Weekends and Typing in Noisy Restaurants

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Abena Talks
5 min readMay 31


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I don’t usually write on Sundays; these days, I write on Mondays and Thursdays. Other days are for planning, editing, and ideation. I mostly schedule my content, but today, I’m sitting in a noisy, low-lit restaurant.

I had the best crispy tempura fish with polenta chips that I’ve ever tasted, and now I’m writing.

I’m about to sip some hot coffee, and write some more.

I’m also listening to a new series called “On the Verge” on Netflix. I usually listen to focus music, binaural beats, or ASMR typing sounds on YouTube while I’m working, but these days, I’m switching it up and trying new things.

Right now, I’m in the process of scheduling a massive batch of content for Medium and one of my blogs because I’m working on a huge project and won’t have time to create fresh content.

I’m challenging myself to write 10,000 words a day for the next 30 days so I can put all my energy into building this new thing, It’s a surprise! You’ll love it!

I’ve also changed my work setup; I’m using an Apple Magic Mouse, a Langtu Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, and I’ve recently purchased an iPad Pro.

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For me, I work best when my setup is on point. I’m still working on boosting my productive output because I’m still trying to get back into the groove of things since relocating to a new country.

My Gumroad pages are pulling in massive revenue, my sites are doing well, and, overall, my online businesses are thriving.

I have so many new things coming up over the next few months. I’m also working on increasing my Medium earnings.



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