Some of The Ignorant Things People Said to me When I Announced That I was Moving to Africa

Here are some of the weird and annoying things people said to me when I announced that I was moving to Africa.

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3 min readMar 13, 2021


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In 2016, I moved from the UK to Africa, Ghana, West Africa to be precise. I remember announcing my plan to friends and associates and some of the responses they gave me were downright weird and somewhat rude. Here are some of the weirdest and most annoying things people said to me when I announced that I was moving to Ghana.

“Where will you live, in a hut?”

An elderly Jewish woman, one of my neighbours and the owner of a local grocery store. When I told her that I wouldn’t be coming to buy my Jewish bread from her anymore because I would be moving to Ghana. She quickly responded with, “Where will you live, in a hut?

My response was this:

“Yep! I have built a mud hut in the centre of the capital Accra and I will be moving in there as soon as pick my newborn lion cub from the jungle.”

She laughed but she could tell that I was not impressed by her ridiculous remark. She wasn’t joking either, she was very serious.

Do they have schools out there?

Really? Yes! They have schools out there. This response came from a young man who washes the windows in the local area.

I said:

“No, I homeschool anyway, but they do have schools. Mostly outdoor and in the jungle though.”

He just stared at me in silence.

“Be careful, I heard that most people like young kids from England for spells and stuff.”

This came from a middle-aged Indian woman.

My response, nothing at all. Speechless.

Do they sell clothes there?

This response came from a lady who manicured my nails. My response:

“Yes, they sell clothes, plenty of clothes actually. But mostly, people just walk around naked so I don’t need…



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