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You don’t need money to start

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You don’t need money to start an online business(well, not in the beginning anyway)

You can start a powerful, profitable online business with ideas, vision, and action.

Here’s a simple business in a box—no money, no hassle. Here’s the gist:

  1. Create a Medium account
  2. Create a Gumroad account (create digital products, build newsletters, build a community for free)
  3. Create a YouTube channel

4.All you need is a laptop(preferably, or a good smartphone)

( Eventually, you would need to set up a website, that’s my opinion)

For now, you can start with these.

🥅 THE GOAL: >>>Build a loyal community and create valuable content to meet the needs of your community.

✅ Start creating content that relates to skills and passions on Medium

✅Build a small audience of 100 followers

✅Join the Partner Program to start monetizing your content(this shouldn’t be the main focal point for your earnings though)

✅Start referring people to sign up as a paid member through your referral link (you’ll get paid just over $2 per sign up)

✅Start a free newsletter through Gumroad and create valuable content for your audience on a weekly basis (with Gumroad you can add an option that allows people to pay you whatever they want to pay you as a goodwill gesture)

You can also use Gumroad to create a paid newsletter that people pay for each month to get high-quality content from you.

✅Build your Medium page to 1000 loyal followers and then, create a simple digital product such as an eBook or guide and market that product through your newsletter and through your Medium content

✅Create a YouTube channel and repurpose all your Medium content on YouTube.

✅Create one long-form video (longer than 10 minutes) per week and publish two or three short videos (60 seconds or less per day). Make sure these short videos relate to your…



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