The words of a confused and self-loathing black woman

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We all have freedom of choice and deciding who you want to date or marry is entirely up to the individual. However, ruling out the possibility of dating someone in your own community based on hatred is a despicable act of self-loathing and insecurity.

In high school, I had a friend, a beautiful dark skin, British born, Jamaican friend who would joke that she never wanted to date a black man and that black men are all “broke” and “ghetto.” Her constant belittling of black men would really irritate me. …

A few reasons why some black people refuse to go vegan

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Why Black People Avoid Going Vegan

When you think of the word “vegan,” what comes to your mind?

A wild guess would probably be a mental picture of an upper-middle-class, white hipster sipping a soy-latte or maybe a wealthy, tanned, super skinny, yoga-obsessed white woman.

For many years, veganism has predominantly been described as a lifestyle for the privileged white folks. To prove this, let’s do a little Google search for “vegan,” “vegan person,” “vegetarian.” The results will show you why mainstream veganism is mostly white.

You’re likely to see a handful of people of color. When Thrillist, an entertainment…

Clean and natural beauty brand.

Image: Louis Noir

Louis Noir is a UK-based, Black-owned, organic skincare brand. Founded by skincare enthusiast and graduate Akleia Louis.

The brand delivers clean ingredients and easy, breezy, clean aesthetics. The skincare line is all-natural, vegan and naturally scented.

Louis Noir was born during the silence of the global lockdown. When the pandemic hit and the creative juices were flowing abundantly. Akleia had been creating her own skincare products for herself, friends and family using natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut.

Akleia’s love for natural skincare has always been there however, her mother’s eczema and the desire to eliminate harmful chemicals for…

Clean + pure

Unforgivingly Pur natural deodorant

If you are a natural skincare enthusiast, you have probably heard of Native. Their natural deodorant is one of the most popular non-toxic deodorants on the market. However, Native might have a rival in the form of Unforgivingly Pur, a Canadian natural beauty and wellness brand that produces clean and cruelty-free beauty products that are centred around health, wellness and self-love.

Unforgivingly Pur produce various products such as body scrubs and facial cleansers however, their pure deodorants have caused a stir in the beauty and wellness community. …

Flexibility is one of them.

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The sweet life, earning money from your laptop without having to commute to work, carry your laptop anywhere and earn those dollars without having to go sit in an office listening to a demanding boss that won’t leave you alone because you haven’t finished that important report.

I recently wrote an article about digital businesses being the way forward for single moms and I stand by the importance of having an online business, especially at this time. …

He is 11, how did he do it?

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My son is 11 years old, he started a YouTube channel, I frowned upon it at first but I let it slide and just gave him his creative freedom. He mainly does mobile gameplay videos on his channel and in less than eight weeks, he gained 1,000 subscribers. How did he do it?

Yesterday, I checked my son’s channel and there it was, the coveted 1,000 subscribers. He managed to reach this number in a short space of time and I asked him how he did it. His response:

“Oh, I just comment once in a while, that’s all.”


It’s the flexibility

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Being a stay at home mom is no easy task, however, there are a number of reasons why a stay at home mom might need an extra income. For example, job loss, difficulty working a traditional nine to five due to family commitments, or just simply wanting to make extra money for their own financial stability or freedom. In the past five to six years there has been a significant increase in stay at home moms working from home running digital businesses.

Why are stay at home moms turning to digital businesses?

Millennial Women are Opting for the Stay at Home Mom Life

Millennial women are an empowered generation however, more and more millennials women are opting for the stay at…

Unforgivingly Pur: Next level beauty +wellness

Image: Unforgivingly Pur Natural Deodorant

The indie natural bodycare industry is expanding, blossoming and growing at an extraordinary rate and black women are the frontrunners and trailblazers leading the way. One such trailblazing, unapologetic brand is Unforgivingly Pur.

A Canada-based beauty and wellness brand that produces clean, non-toxic beauty products to uplift, nurture and protect. Their products are not just beauty products, they are mood boosters that elevate and refresh, and the naturally derived ingredients utilize the power of aromatherapy to take your self-care experience to the next level.

The seeds for Unforgivingly Pur were planted by sisters, Cola and Rochelle in 2014 after the…

Télle Moi : Black-owned, vegan and killing it!

Image: Telle Moi- Cindy Blues Gel Polish

Télle Moi is a trailblazing independent nail polish brand that was founded by London-based entrepreneur Natel Allen. Natel, a Business and Law graduate from East London, UK launched the brand in 2019 after feeling frustrated due to the lack of suitable nude nail polish shades available for darker skin tones in mainstream stores.

Natel made it her personal mission to create the nude shades that she had been searching for and eventually, after lots of experimentation and testing on herself, friends and family, Télle Moi was born.

In 2018 Allen spotted a major gap in the nail polish market when…

Compassion is a major part of it

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What does it mean to be resilient? To build a resilient and trustworthy team? Through my own research and experience as a team leader in my online and offline businesses, I have discovered that there are a few factors that make resilient and focused teams. These fundamental factors are:

Honesty, resourcefulness, compassion and humility.

In order to effectively build a resilient team, as a leader you need to facilitate the development of these specific traits.


Does your team find it difficult to have open, honest conversation during team or strategy meetings? Resilient teams should be able to speak openly…

Edina Abena Jackson

I write about Health, Wealth, Race and other things. Founder Pink Intrigue + Freshlight Media. I give away my earnings to change lives in Ghana

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