The words of a confused and self-loathing black woman

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We all have freedom of choice and deciding who you want to date or marry is entirely up to the individual. However, ruling out the possibility of dating someone in your own community based on hatred is a despicable act of self-loathing and insecurity.

In high school, I had a friend, a beautiful dark skin, British born, Jamaican friend who would joke that she never wanted to date a black man and that black men are all “broke” and “ghetto.” Her constant belittling of black men would really irritate me. …

A few reasons why some black people refuse to go vegan

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Why Black People Avoid Going Vegan

When you think of the word “vegan,” what comes to your mind?

A wild guess would probably be a mental picture of an upper-middle-class, white hipster sipping a soy-latte or maybe a wealthy, tanned, super skinny, yoga-obsessed white woman.

For many years, veganism has predominantly been described as a lifestyle for the privileged white folks. To prove this, let’s do a little Google search for “vegan,” “vegan person,” “vegetarian.” The results will show you why mainstream veganism is mostly white.

You’re likely to see a handful of people of color. When Thrillist, an entertainment…

Flexibility and extra income, online businesses can help single mothers to build financial freedom.

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Being a single mother is tough, working, taking care of children and paying all the bills single-handedly, is difficult yet rewarding however, often single mothers have to enlist the help of nannies or childcare facilities to work a nine to five job, which might not always be the best option for the kids.

I experienced the single mother life for a few years and it was challenging to say the least. I believe that running my online business made single motherhood far easier than if I had to go to a nine to five job every day.

If you have…

Is it really too late to start making money online?

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I recently had a long conversation with an ex-colleague who works a nine to five job. Her exact words were:

“It’s too late to start making money online”

The topic came up because she was complaining about needing extra money to supplement her existing income. As you can imagine, I gave her a few tips on how to make some extra money on the Internet. I make a full-time living online as a writer and entrepreneur, I pointed her in the direction of selling online or freelancing. …

Be a lifelong learner and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life

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Life is one big lesson, the world is an extensive and captivating classroom, learning never stops. There are many benefits associated with believing that you never stop learning. Some people believe that learning ends when you finish college or get your Masters degree or PhD however, the truth is, learning is continuous, neverending. We learn something new most days nonetheless, making a conscious effort to learn something new or improve your existing skills can benefit you mentally, emotionally and intellectually.

Here are some of the many benefits of lifelong learning:

Improve your job prospects

Statistically, only 15 percent of job candidates have the skills…

Make your job search easier by implementing these simple steps

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Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Job Prospects

Searching for a job is no easy task, however, there are a few steps that you can take to improve your chances of getting the job that you want. If you have been searching for a while and are still unemployed, you might need to go back to the drawing board.

Here are just a few practical steps that you can take to improve your chances of bagging the job of your dreams.

Improve your networking skills

Networking is king when it comes to improving your job prospects. It is one of the most valuable action steps you can take to position yourself to…

Health and wellness is vital in the workplace

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Non-stop work and high-level productivity in the workplace is the norm these days however, it is essential that you take care of your health and wellness in the workplace. Stress can lead to low mood, chronic fatigue and anxiety therefore, if you want to perform effectively in the workplace, pay close attention to your health and wellbeing.

If you are a supervisor, manager or business owner, you need to recognize the importance of health and wellness in the workplace, especially if you want to improve the efficiency and productivity of the office workflow.

Working from home can also impact your…

A virtual education might be good for you.

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Approximately 6.3 million students in the United States are enrolled in at least one online course. However, due to the recent global pandemic, that number has increased. The flexibility of learning online makes it easier for many to work and study simultaneously without leaving the home or traveling to a campus or learning facility.

There are some benefits associated with learning online, here are some of those benefits.


Flexibility is one of the most prominent reasons why people take up online learning courses. You can fit a virtual course around your family responsibilities and improve your skills without having to…

Get back on track and start losing weight again.

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The ketogenic diet is highly effective for fast and efficient weight loss. However, after eating the keto way for a few months, you might experience something known as a weight-loss stall. This is where the initial weight loss slows down dramatically, leaving you feeling dejected and unmotivated. This is quite normal, and there is a solution to this conundrum. …

It is possible to build multiple side hustles from home.

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Side hustles are the way forward right now especially if you work one nine to five job or one main hustle. For example, my main hustle is writing for my online content writing company, Pink Intrigue. I collect a healthy wage from that however, when you so comfortable with your one income stream, you leave yourself fully exposed. What happens when that comfy income gets pulled from under you?

It’s a scary thought! I started making $3,000 per month recently selling items online. However, I recently supersized my earnings by adding another simple income stream called drop servicing.

I am…

Edina Abena Jackson

I write about Health, Wealth, Race and other things. Founder Pink Intrigue + Freshlight Media. I give away my earnings to change lives in Ghana

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